Plant Construction

Because of complex technology, short construction times and numerous influencing factors, the planning and construction of processing facilities for bulk materials require a high degree of technical expertise, extensive commitment and willingness to perform as well as vision and foresight. Depending on the client's requirements, we deal with complete industrial plants, upgrading or expansion of existing plants. Whether it is project management, commissioning or follow-up services, we offer solutions with a sense of proportion.


Within the scope of project management, we collect all data related to a particular project. This data is also analysed for consistency and technical correctness and would be modified if necessary.

We ensure that the facility meets the requirements of the relevant EC directives.

We check whether the EC Declaration of Conformity and the CE marking have been verified and documented so that our clients could benefit from their investments as soon as possible.


In this step, we build the facility and implement the wants and needs of our clients.

We stay in close contact with our clients to inform them about every successfully completed phase of assembly, installation or construction.

Thereby the client is always up to date with the progress and can make long-term plans.


A facility that works smoothly is close to our heart and a basic requirement for that is well-trained personnel.

We guide the relevant personnel through intensive training courses and set the system to run optimally together with our clients.

Our clients and their employees are enabled to react to any changes in the situation or any external influences and to master such challenges independently.

Follow-up Services

Any changes in the product? Are the input variables not the same anymore? No Problem!

Even after the facility is in operation, we are always available for advice and assistance.

If, for example, there are changes in the output situation (product) or difficulties with a subcomponent, we are always ready to help our clients and to find an appropriate solution together.