The dedicated engineers at CEC manage technologically challenging tasks on a daily basis in order to provide optimal and innovative solutions for our clients. Along with our clients, we clarify the specific requirements in detail for their unique projects.

Basic Engineering

We work out the most technically and economically advantageous concept for the plant or subcomponents for our clients.

Specifically, we adapt with the wishes of our clients and develop a particular solution.

Needless to say, everything is done taking feasibility into account.

In this preliminary designing, we determine all the estimated costs and inputs and summarize them clearly for our clients.

Detail Engineering

This is where the detailed design and a comprehensive description of all the necessary components happens. Moreover, all measures for the implementation of the facility are specified precisely.

In this way, an execution planning is carried out and all the necessary parts, costs and documents for procurement, assembly and commissioning are verified and compiled. Furthermore, a foundation is laid and the technology for all systems and electrical installations is developed.

Our clients can virtually see how their desired facility is built, which parts it contains and how the components interact.

Project Management

We take over all the management tasks and the organisation of the project.

The management techniques and means are coordinated, guided and controlled. Everything serves one purpose: the optimal handling of the project.

Within project management, we particularly concern ourselves with:

  • Schedule management, to ensure adherence to the time frame with the involvement of all stakeholders,
  • Cost management, for adhering to the given budget and controlling the cost trends, and
  • Quality management, for the standardization of processes.

Starting from the engineering phase, through the implementation and till the commissioning and handover, we stay in close contact with our clients so that their desired requirements are met through the solutions developed by us.